Video seems complex and overwhelming, especially if you’ve never created content before or you’ve had a bad experience in the past. Don’t worry, we make it simple for you right from the beginning. Hover your cursor over each stage of production below, to learn more.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my video project take?

While it seems complicated and long-winded, we like to keep the video process as simple as possible. Once we’ve chatted with you about what you’re wanting and you’ve accepted our video proposal, we’ll need 1-2 weeks for pre-production. You’ll receive a preview edit of your video within 14 days of the completion of production (being the final shoot day). From there, you can provide us with any adjustment requests or feedback that you have about your video, and we’ll send you a second preview edit 7 days after receiving this from you. Once you’ve approved the final edit and all invoices have been paid, we’ll deliver the high-resolution video file to you to share across all online platforms.

How does payment work?

Once you’ve accepted the quote or proposal, we’ll send you a booking fee invoice for 40% of the total amount that has been quoted. Once this has been paid, we’ll book in the shoot dates and begin pre-production on your video project. Hooray!

No other payment is required until the project is nearing completion. This won’t be until after you’ve seen the first couple of preview edits of your video and have sent through your feedback + adjustment requests. We’ll send you the final payment invoice, which is the remainder owing for your project. This will include any parking or travel fees that have been incurred during the shoot, and any additional charges (if necessary) as discussed and agreed upon by you.

What do I need to organise?

As we said, we like to keep everything as simple as possible on your end. Once we’ve organised the shoot dates with you, we’ll need your assistance in organising a shoot location. Depending on the project, we may need your help with scheduling the shoot day so that we’re able to best work around your organisation or team. Apart from that, you can leave it all to us! 

We put a lot of time and care into preparing our proposals, so once you’ve accepted that, we have a really clear idea of what you’re envisioning and hoping to achieve with the project. We’ll organise any scripting or interviewing for the shoot day, as well as all the necessary pre-production and production requirements. 

How much do your videos cost?

Good question! It’s something we get asked a lot, and we get it - it’s one of the first things we like to find out too, when making a buying decision.

As every video project is different, it’s near impossible to provide a quote on the spot. That being said, we understand that making the decision to invest in video content can be a big one, so after an initial consultation, we provide our clients with a full breakdown of the project and the costs.

It’s really important to us that our prices are fair and transparent. Plus, we like to make sure that you won’t be hit with any additional fees down-the-track, so we take the time to prepare a detailed quote for your video project, to ensure that it’s as accurate and fair as possible.

And the good news? All of our proposals and quotes are free and non-obligatory! How good is that?!

Are there any hidden costs?

Nope! You can rest assured that we maintain full transparency with our pricing. We do charge additional fees if a shoot or the edit exceeds the time outlined in the proposal. Don’t worry, this won’t come as a surprise to you - we’ll always let you know if there is the potential of additional time being charged, and we won’t proceed with anything until we have your ‘okay’ on that.

How long does it take to film?

We work as efficiently as possible, so most of our shoots generally only require one shoot day (or even less!). We’re (usually) a two-person team, which means our set-up is quick and our shoots are slick. That way, we can ensure we’re not taking too much time out of your busy schedule.


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