We know it can be tricky when working for different production houses all with unique workflows, so we created this page to keep things as simple as possible. That way, you can always return to it to remind yourself of the process that we require. We really appreciate you taking the time to read this. Please reach out if you have any questions! 



  • We will send you a Project Commitment for any project we wish to engage you in. Where possible this will include an overview of the project, timeline, commitment hours and the proposed fee, as well as the fee for overtime. Once we receive your written agreement to the outlined commitment we'll prepare a Videographer Briefing for you. 

  • We will book you for either a half-day (3-5 hours) or full-day (6-9 hours). In some cases, we may book you at an hourly rate. 


  • Once you’ve agreed to the Project Commitment we will send you a link to the Editor Briefing, through our online system, Podio.

  • This brief will contain all the information you need and we ask that you take the time to read through this thoroughly.

  • At this point we’ll put you in touch with the Producer of this particular project.

  • Please always let us know if you are approaching, or looking to exceed, the agreed-upon hours for the project, and don’t proceed further until you have our approval on the additional time.



  • You'll receive a back-up hard drive that will remain with you for the duration of your ongoing work with Keyy Productions.

  • For each project, a project hard drive will be delivered to you with the relevant project media files on it.

  • You are expected to constantly back up the project hard drive to the back-up hard drive for the duration of the project. Please keep the two hard drives in separate locations whenever possible.

  • You will receive the project hard drive with all video and audio files labelled and organised in to clear folders.


1. Project hard drive

  • Gets delivered to you with the media files on it for each new job. 

  • The project files, including the editing file, will be kept on this. 

  • Once the project is complete this hard drive will need to be returned to Keyy Productions with the media and editing project/library (ie. .fcpxbundle or .prproj) on this harddrive.

2. Back-up hard drive

  • This remains with you for the duration of your ongoing work with Keyy Productions.

  • All files need to be backed up to this hard drive and must be kept in a seperate secure location to the project hard drive.  


  • We will set you up with access to our Artlist.io subscription.

  • For all other music purchases, please seek pre-approval from rhys@keyyproductions.com.

  • Always purchase music for Keyy Productions’ projects in the name of Keyy Productions Pty Ltd. 

  • Be sure to include a copy of the receipt with your invoice for reimbursement. 



  • We name all of our edits using this naming system: 'Project Name - PREVIEW EDIT 1', with the number increasing as the rounds of edits continue. Please always name any delivered video file using this method. 

  • Please always keep a copy of each edit along the way so that no changes are irreversible.

  • Once a project is finalised please export the video file named ‘Project Name - FINALISED VIDEO 1’ etc. Please be sure to include the number in case there happens to be multiple finalised versions.

  • For all Preview Edits please create a transparent black and white timecode watermark and place it at the bottom of the screen (see example below). This is to be removed for all Finalised Video files.


Example of timecode watermark



  • Please upload all Preview Edits to the Keyy Productions' Vimeo account by the agreed-upon deadline. 

  • You'll be set up with access to the Vimeo account.

  • Please set the Privacy setting for the video to: ‘Only people with a password can see this video’, and set the password to: 'CLIENT'S NAME + VIDEO’ (one word), eg, BUPAVIDEO, XYLEMVIDEO, GOOGLEVIDEO.

  • Please email rhys@keyyproductions.com confirming your upload.

Example of Vimeo settings when uploading

  • Title

  • Privacy

  • Password

  • Don't forget to always press 'save'


  • Please remove any timecode watermark and audio watermarks before uploading the full resolution Finalised Video file to Vimeo.

  • Notify rhys@keyyproductions.com of your completion.

  • Please name this video as 'PROJECT TITLE - FINALISED VIDEO 1’ (be sure to include the number in case there happens to be multiple finalised videos).

  • Do not delete any media or the editing project/library.



  • Once your work is complete on this project (all previews and finalised videos have been approved and delivered) please send your invoice and any receipts to paige@keyyproductions.com. We aren’t able to pay invoices until all of your agreed editing work on a project has been completed.

  • Payment will be made within 14 days of receiving your invoice.


I acknowledge the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as traditional custodians of the land on which Keyy Productions operates, and pay my respect to Elders past, present and emerging. Keyy Productions is committed to providing a safe, culturally appropriate, inclusive environment for all people, regardless of their ethnicity, faith, dis/ability, sexuality, or gender identity.

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