Company Policies.

Keyy Productions is a boutique and fast-growing video production company based in Lane Cove, Sydney.


As a production company, we are known for creating heart-led, authentic, narrative-driven video content. Our clients have a modern brand personality and a strong desire to connect authentically with their audience. Our small team carries a friendly, professional, and collaborative approach, whilst being driven, efficient, highly skilled and creative.


The Keyy Productions Company Policies must be adhered by all employees, and are understood and agreed upon by the signing of an Employee Agreement.


Any breach of the Keyy Productions Company Policies will entitle Keyy Productions to recover compensation from the employee for any loss or damage suffered by Keyy Productions directly or indirectly as a result of that breach.



Employee obligations and conduct


During period of employment with Keyy Productions 


During the period of employment, employees shall:

      • observe and conform to all the instructions and usual practices of Keyy Productions in creating video content;

      • arrive on time to agreed and scheduled video shoots, and present in clean, professional attire;

      • maintain absolute professionalism, politeness and efficiency during video shoots, and ensure that utmost safety precautions are taken at all times;

      • fulfill all directions from Keyy Productions from time to time and not at any time, except in case of illness or other unavoidable cause, absent themselves from the service of Keyy Productions without previous consent;

      • not disclose (except to Keyy Productions or to any persons having lawful authority to require such disclosure) any confidential information, professional secrets or any information with respect to Keyy Productions, or to the clients of Keyy Productions, the practice or affairs, or any directions given to him/her by Keyy Productions;

      • not make available to any person, company or organisation (other than Keyy Productions or persons authorised to receive such information) any information concerning Keyy Productions, any team members, or Keyy Productions’ business systems, products, service, pricings, arrangements, sales, clients or any aspect of Keyy Productions’ business unless specifically authorised in writing by Paige Gardiner or Rhys Keir;

      • keep and render to Keyy Productions true and just accounts of all time spent, all shoots attended and any other business done for Keyy Productions; and of all moneys he/she shall receive or pay on the Keyy Productions account;

      • not use professional contacts made during the duration of employment with Keyy Productions for his/her own or any other person or organisation’s benefit without Keyy Productions’ prior written consent; the employee must refer any new business opportunities that arise out of Keyy Productions’ activities to Keyy Productions;

      • not incur any debt on behalf of Keyy Productions; the employee is not permitted to purchase materials or incur any other charge without the approval of Keyy Productions.


Following period of employment with Keyy Productions


Following the period of employment, employees shall:

      • not disclose (except to Keyy Productions or to any persons having lawful authority to require such disclosure) any confidential information, professional secrets or any information with respect to Keyy Productions, Keyy Productions’ team members, or to the clients of Keyy Productions, the practice or affairs, or any directions given by Keyy Productions;

      • not use professional contacts made during the employee’s duration of employment with Keyy Productions for his/her own or any other person or organisation’s benefit without Keyy Productions’ prior written consent;


Confidential information


‘Confidential Information’ means all information which is confidential to Keyy Productions including (but not limited to) trade secrets, intellectual property, information concerning the market within which Keyy Productions operates, Keyy Productions’ products, services, pricings, processes, ideas, developments, information about Keyy Productions’ financial performance, prices, client lists and information about clients, information concerning Keyy Productions’ projections, plans and forecasts concerning Keyy Productions’ performance or likely future activity, and any other information which is confidential to the business affairs of Keyy Productions or its clients and which is not in the public domain.



Terms of employment

All employees of Keyy Productions will faithfully and to the best of their skillset serve Keyy Productions from the date of employment commencement until employment with Keyy Productions ceases.


Working hours


Keyy Productions operates between 8am and 6pm on weekdays. You may complete your average of 38 weekly hours of work at any time between 8am and 6pm, depending on your work requirements and scheduled video shoots. From time to time, work outside of these hours will be required.


Annual leave


Employees receive allocated Annual Leave per year. Your Annual Leave accrual begins the day you join our company. You can take your Annual Leave at any time after your first month with us.


If you want to use Annual Leave, send a request to your manager. If your manager approves, you are permitted to take your leave.


Sick leave


Employees are entitled to allocated Sick Leave per year. You can take sick leave to recover from short-term illness, injuries, mental issues and other indisposition. If you have the flu or other contagious disease, please use your sick days.


If you become sick, inform your manager and send a sick leave request. You may take a partial day off or work from home, but we advise you to rest and recuperate for a day before returning to work.


Occasionally, we may ask you to submit a physician’s note or other medical certification.


Work from home


If your job doesn’t require you to be present at our premises, you can occasionally work from home. Please inform your manager if you want to work from home at least one day in advance. 


If there’s a rare emergency, you may work from home without having received prior approval, but call or email your manager as soon as possible.


When you are working from home, please use an internet connection and devices that are fast and secure. Choose a place without loud noises or distractions. And, check in with your team frequently to make collaboration easier.


Employee expenses


There are some expenses that we will pay directly on your behalf (e.g. hotel rooms for work-related travel.) We ask you to keep track and report on those reimbursable expenses that you pay yourself. Upon approval, we reimburse employee expenses that are related to:

  • Business travel

  • Education and training

  • Outings with clients

Not all expenses are reimbursable. Please keep receipts for all reimbursable expenses. You can submit them to your manager within one month after the date of each expense. If your manager approves your expenses, you will receive your reimbursement within two pay periods.




We pay your salary or wage at the end of each fortnight via bank transfer, into your nominated account.

Performance management


We have established bi-annual performance reviews. This is chance for both parties to raise concerns and to acknowledge work efforts and achievements, as well an opportunity to set future goals and milestones. In addition to this, managers meet with their team members once per week to provide feedback and talk about their work. This provides you with regular opportunities to receive feedback and raise any concerns.


It is our goal that managers conduct effective regular meetings, and in general:

  • set clear objectives so that team members know what is expected of them.

  • provide useful feedback, giving both guidance and praise, as appropriate, whilst being fair and specific.

  • keep team members involved by always allowing two-way communication, and make expectations clear, whilst taking team members’ motivations and aspirations into account.

  • maintain logs with important incidents involving team members.


Equal opportunity employment


Keyy Productions is an equal opportunity employer. We don’t tolerate discrimination against protected characteristics (gender, age, sexual orientation, race, nationality, ethnicity, religion, disability, political preference). We want all employees to treat others with respect and professionalism. In practice, this means that we:

  • hire and promote people based on skills, experience or potential and try to reduce bias in every process, through structured interviews.

  • make accommodations to help people with disabilities move about safely on our premises and use our products, services and equipment.

  • use inclusive, diversity-sensitive language in all official documents, signs and job ads.

  • refuse to create video content that is in any way discriminatory in its thematic material.

  • refuse to engage in video projects with clients who are in any way discriminatory towards Keyy Productions’ team members or others.




We expect you to be present during your scheduled working hours. If you face an emergency that prevents you from coming to work one day, contact your manager as soon as possible.


Workplace policies: safety, health and confidentiality


This section describes workplace policies that apply to everyone at our company: employees, contractors, volunteers, vendors and stakeholders alike. These policies help us build a productive, lawful and pleasant workplace.


Confidentiality and data protection


We want to ensure that private information about clients, employees, partners and our company is well-protected. Examples of confidential information are:

  • employee records

  • unpublished financial information

  • data of customers/partners/vendors

  • customer lists (existing and prospective)

  • unpublished goals, forecasts and initiatives marked as confidential


As part of our hiring process, we include Confidentiality and Privacy Policies in our Employment Agreements.  We expect you to act responsibly when handling confidential information.


You must:

  • make sure you view confidential information on secure devices only.

  • only disclose information to other employees when it’s necessary and authorised.


You must not:

  • use confidential information for your personal benefit or profit.

  • disclose confidential information to anyone outside of our company.

  • replicate confidential documents and files and store them on insecure devices.


We will terminate any employee who breaches our confidentiality guidelines for personal profit. We will terminate employees who repeatedly disregard this policy.


Workplace harassment


To build a happy and productive workplace, we need everyone to treat others well and help them feel safe. Each of us should do our part to prevent harassment and workplace violence.



Harassment is a broad term and may include seemingly harmless actions, like gossip. Here are some instances that we consider harassment:

  • sabotaging someone’s work on purpose.

  • engaging in frequent or unwanted advances of any nature.

  • commenting derogatorily on a person’s ethnic heritage or religious beliefs.

  • starting or spreading rumours about a person’s personal life.

  • ridiculing someone in front of others or singling them out to perform tasks unrelated to their job against their will.


Sexual harassment is illegal and we will seriously investigate relevant reports. If an employee is found guilty of sexual harassment, they will be terminated.


If you’re being harassed, whether by a colleague, customer or vendor, you can choose to talk to your manager, who will assess the situation and provide support. Anything you disclose will remain confidential.


Workplace violence


Violence in our workplace is a serious form of harassment. It includes physical and sexual assault, destruction of property, threats to harm a person or property and verbal and psychological abuse. We want to avoid those incidents altogether, but we also want to be ready to respond if needed.


For this reason, we ask you to report to your manager if you suspect or know that someone is being violent. Your report will be confidential and we will investigate the situation with discretion.


We will treat employees who verbally threaten others as high risk and they will receive an appropriate penalty. Employees who damage property deliberately will be solely responsible for paying for it.


Seek help from others early on to mitigate conflicts.


Our workplace is founded on mutual respect and we won’t allow anyone to compromise this foundation.


Workplace safety


Our company is committed to creating a hazard-free workplace. To this end, we will ensure workplace safety through preventative action and emergency management.


We also expect you to take safety seriously. Always use protective equipment and follow standards whenever necessary.


Smoking, Alcohol and Drug Use


Keyy Productions is a smoke-free workplace. We also advise you to avoid smoking when you have scheduled meetings with clients or vendors.


We prohibit employees from consuming alcohol during working hours, but they may consume alcoholic drinks in moderation at company events.


Keyy Productions is a drug-free workplace. Whether you are an employee, contractor or visitor, you must not bring, use, give away or sell any illicit drugs on company premises or during video shoots.


We won’t tolerate substance addiction that results in violent, offensive or inappropriate behaviour.


Employee Code of Conduct


As an employee, you are responsible to behave appropriately at work. We outline our expectations here. We can’t cover every single case of conduct, but we trust you to always use your best judgement.


Dress Code


Our company’s official dress code is smart casual. If you frequently meet with clients or prospects, please conform to a slightly more formal dress code.


As long as you conform with our guidelines above, we don’t have specific expectations about what types of clothes or accessories you should wear.

We also respect and permit grooming styles, clothing and accessories that are dictated by religious beliefs, ethnicity or disability.


Internet usage


Our corporate internet connection is primarily for business, however you can occasionally use our connection for personal purposes as long as they don’t interfere with your job responsibilities. We expect you to temporarily halt personal activities that slow down our internet connection (e.g. uploading photos) if you’re asked to.

You must not use our internet connection to:

  • download or upload obscene, offensive or illegal material.

  • send confidential information to unauthorised recipients.

  • invade another person’s privacy and gain access to sensitive information.

  • download or upload pirated movies, music, material or software.

  • visit potentially dangerous websites that can compromise our network and computers’ safety.

  • perform unauthorised or illegal actions, like hacking, fraud or buying/selling illegal goods.


Mobile phone


We allow use of mobile phones at work, however we also want to ensure that your devices won’t distract you from your work or disrupt our workplace. We ask you to follow a few simple rules:

  • use your mobile phone in a manner that benefits your work (business calls, productivity apps, calendars.)

  • keep personal calls brief and use an empty room or common area so as not to disturb your colleagues.

  • avoid playing games on your phone or texting excessively.

  • don’t use your phone to record confidential information.

  • don’t download or upload inappropriate, illegal or obscene material using our corporate internet connection.




Email is essential to our work. You should use your company email primarily for work, but we allow some uses of your company email for personal reasons.


You can use your corporate email for work-related purposes without limitations. For example, you can sign up for newsletters and online services that will help you in your job or professional growth.


You can use your email for personal reasons as long as you keep it safe, and avoid spamming and disclosing confidential information. For example, you can send emails to friends and family and download ebooks, guides and other safe content for your personal use.


No matter how you use your corporate email, we expect you to avoid:

  • signing up for illegal, unreliable, disreputable or suspect websites and services.

  • sending unauthorised marketing content or emails.

  • registering for a competitor’s services, unless authorised.

  • sending insulting or discriminatory messages and content.

  • spamming other people’s emails, including your coworkers.


Social media


We want to provide practical advice to prevent careless use of social media in our workplace. We address two types of social media uses: using personal social media at work and representing our company through social media.


You are permitted to access your personal accounts at work. But, we expect you to act responsibly, according to our policies and ensure that you stay productive. Specifically, we ask you to:

  • discipline yourself in order to avoid getting sidetracked by your social platforms.

  • ensure others know that your personal account or statements don’t represent our company; for example, use a disclaimer such as “opinions are my own.”

  • avoid sharing intellectual property (e.g trademarks) or confidential information.

  • avoid any defamatory, offensive or derogatory content.


If you handle our social media accounts or speak on our company’s behalf, we expect you to protect our company’s image and reputation. Specifically, you should:

  • be respectful, polite and patient.

  • avoid speaking on matters outside your field of expertise when possible.

  • follow our confidentiality and data protection policies and observe laws governing copyrights, trademarks, plagiarism and fair use.

  • coordinate with our Marketing department when you’re about to share any major-impact content.

  • avoid deleting or ignoring comments for no reason.

  • correct or remove any misleading or false content as quickly as possible.

  • ensure posts are grammatically correct and do not contain spelling mistakes.


Conflict of interest


When you are experiencing a conflict of interest, your personal goals are no longer aligned with your responsibilities towards us. In other cases, you may be faced with an ethical issue.


Conflicts of interest are a serious issue for all of us. We expect you to be vigilant to spot circumstances that create conflicts of interest, either to yourself or for your direct reports. Follow our policies and always act in our company’s best interests. Whenever possible, do not let personal or financial interests get in the way of your job. If you are experiencing an ethical dilemma, talk to your manager and we will try to help you resolve it.


Thank you


Thank you for taking the time to read through our Company Policies. It is our goal to create a workplace that is inclusive, enjoyable, energised and communicative. Please reach out at any time if you have any queries regarding these policies or if you require support in any form.

I acknowledge the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as traditional custodians of the land on which Keyy Productions operates, and pay my respect to Elders past, present and emerging. Keyy Productions is committed to providing a safe, culturally appropriate, inclusive environment for all people, regardless of their ethnicity, faith, dis/ability, sexuality, or gender identity.

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